• k80k80

    ♥ ♥

  • jrh22

    My deepest condolences. It has been a true privilege listening to the humanity of PJ.

    The Lord is with your family all days, and especially these challenging days.

  • John

    Noticed it’ed been sometime since his last podcast. I really enjoyed his shows, helped calm my nerves. Lost my mom to this cancer back in November. My deepest simpathies to his loved ones.

  • Dj dorey

    To the owner of this website , please contact me. I have colorectal cancer too and would like to continue this podcast. Email. djdorey at gmail dot com

  • Spero Nicholas Psareas

    RIP Pj, what a privilege to listen to your great outlook and humor and the great battle you fought. See you on the other side homie.